Why Blog?

Why blog, indeed? Especially in this heat. Well, to be honest, partly so I can indulge in “sentences” like “Especially in this heat.” Last month, I successfully defended my PhD dissertation. While doing so always makes for a milestone event in one’s life, I think the longer one has been soldiering through a PhD programme, the more significant it is when one actually completes it. At some point, just crossing the finish line at all feels like an intoxicating victory.

But crossing the line into what? Although it would, of course, be absurd to compare myself to a soldier returning home to civilian life, but there are unavoidable adjustments that have to be made, all the same. How to motivate oneself, how to structure one’s day, when the first thing you hear in your head after the alarm goes off in the morning is not “You should be writing.”

There is always something that has to be done: continuing the job search, rinsing the dishes, helping my stepdaughter get her brain jump-started just before the new school year begins, and so on. That said, neither the importance of an achievement on the scale of finishing a PhD nor that of the subsequent period of acclimatization should be lost in the minutiae.

Enter The Blog: something to provide a different kind of focus; something to ensure that I “keep writing” in the short term (I thank my very close friend and performance partner Grey Muldoon for making that particular point); something, frankly, to use as another tool for shameless self-promotion, just like every other blog out there.

So, here it is, and so it begins, for what it is worth. Thank you for tuning in. I promise that it will not all be about puppets.

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