Happy World Puppetry Day!



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An Announcement to coincide with World Puppetry Day 2016!

The Ontario Puppetry Association
& the Lillian H. Smith Library
proudly present the annual
Day of Puppetry
Saturday April 23, 2016
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Please join us for a full day of FREE performances and workshops, all starring our friends, the puppets!
Since 2010, the Lillian H. Smith Library and the Ontario Puppetry Association have been joining forces to present this active, interactive (occasionally hyperactive) family-friendly event for ALL-AGES. This year, we are taking our collaboration to the next level: representatives from both the Ontario Puppetry Association and the Toronto Public Library will be performing and teaching. So even if you have attended this event before – this year will be something new!
Puppet theatre companies performing this year include Applefun Puppetry and Studio Babette. Workshops will be presented by Bricoteer Experiments Theatre and the Toronto Puppetry Collective, among others. Library staff members Laurel Taylor-Adams and Joanne Schwartz will also be performing, as well as giving a presentation on the Bagshaw Collection of puppetry books.
On the same day, the Ontario Puppetry Association and the Belleville Public Library will also be hosting a day of puppetry for the families of Belleville, who will have the opportunity of seeing a variety of puppet shows by different local puppeteers and then be invited to create different types of puppets. Jan-Bo’s Puppets and David Smith are featured puppeteers in Belleville.
For information and interviews, or to arrange photography on the Day of Puppetry, please e-mail Jamie Ashby (President, OPA and Artistic Director for the Day of Puppetry) at dayofpuppetry@gmail.com.
Lillian H. Smith Library
239 College Street (downstairs),
Toronto ON

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